Welcome to Earth Apocalypse

Rust just wasn't for me. It was okay for a while, trying to build a better base that other players couldn't raid. But they always came back, with increasing frequency and with more creative ways of getting in.


For a while it was fun trying to fix them. But then I found Rust Modded and SrtBull Rust Admin Academy


So, in 2021 we launched Earth Apocalypse.com to take players to a new level of gaming.

  • We are now using Global Progression for Blue Prints.
  • We have added better Monuments and prefabs than Rust.

  • Much greater realism with stunning weather effects, meteor storms and floods for a truly apocalyptic landscape.

  • The vanilla NPC's had to go. We have NPC's that actually know how to fight and act more like players.

  • The graphics are stunning with the HDRP Release to Main Branch on 6th May 2021.

  • Players compete for Prestige Titles that each come with unique abilities, equipment, buffs and skills.

  • Play against more than 150 of our own custom Raid Bases.

  • An economy and trade system that allows players to earn money and buy upgrades keeping them busy and engaged.

  • Uber Taxi's and a custom Quest system from Lone Design and Chaos Code.

Our Events

Advanced Airstrike with 5 types of aerial bombardments. These types include: Airstrike, Squadstrike, Napalm strike, Nuke strike, and Spectre strike.


The RustTanic cargo ship was hijacked by Somali pirates and is on a collision course with an iceberg.

A helicopter filled with NPC has got to land fast to refuel. See if you can catch them.

Deepwater Rig is an oil rig water event with helicopters, explosions and kick ass loot.

Pilot Eject is a helicopter that malfunctions and the crew have to eject before it crashes.

Guarded Crates are loot crates guarded by some very intense and heavily armed NPC's.

The Airfield Event is a Cargo Plane that fast-lands a Bradley and Heavy troopers to defend the crate you just hacked.

Hourly Giveaways allows admins to setup prizes that are given to randomly selected players.

Zombies by ChaosCode

Zombie Hordes everywhere (last count is 386)


Customised hordes of melee wielding zombies that roam around your server in packs.

Raiding Zombies - Another type of Zombie roaming around looking for your bases to attack with C4 and RPG's.


  • All Plugins are free to use, you learn them like you would learn a new skill (even the paid ones)

  • There are Achievements that give level up buffs and rewards.

  • We use XP Revived for Blue Prints.

  • Increasing the realism with stunning weather effects, meteor storms and floods for a truly apocalyptic landscape.

  • Players compete for Ranks that come with unique abilities, equipment, player buffs and skills. the Hunter, Sniper, Farmer...

  • An economy and trade system that allows players to earn money and buy upgrades in-game.

  • Your skills are displayed in a Leader board that tracks all player statistics in a SQL Database.

  • Custom Loadouts - Allow players to create custom loadouts which they can later claim.

  • Neon signs - Have you ever wanted a Animated OPEN Sign for your shop ? Or have a kick ass animated Clan / Server Logo for your building ? Ditch your old wooden sign for new NEON Glowing Signs

Custom Maps

We have added better Monuments and prefabs from Lone Design. 

The Great Pyramid HDRP by Lone Design.

We have all of the Keirox custom maps including Earth Apocalypse. 

We also take FacePunches procgen maps and make them custom with our own Monuments and Prefabs.

Supporting Great Content Providers

  • Patreon to SRT Bull

  • Patreon to k1lly0u

PVP Arena's by ChaosCode

To prepare you for the world of Rust we offer PVP Arena's and a shooting range to improve your skills.

Arena by k1lly0u was worth the big price tag. Multiple simultaneous arena's with a very low impact on Server resources.

Leaderboard - This is for every player who has played an event. Each player is assigned a ranked score based on the combination of all their score counts. They are then moved into order and the player is assigned a rank. On this page you can view stats for every player who has played in the events and their current rank.

Gun game



Team Survival

Free For All

Team Deathmatch

Capture The Flag

One in the Chamber

NPC Survival

Raidable Bases by k1lly0u

Raidable Bases are fully automated raid bases. Buy your own or use one that has already spawned.

Play against more than 150 custom designed Raidable Bases.

Our Lobby by Lone Design

Our Lobby is a custom prefab from Lone Design that has been customised by me.

Human NPC's by Ts3hosting

  • The vanilla NPC's had to go. We have better NPC's that know how to fight and act more human.

  • BotSpawn spawns a set number of Rust AI bots at chosen monuments.

    It also supports bots at server airdrops, supply drops, biomes, custom locations. Offers Facepunch default scientist, murderers, with additional customisation options, including kits.

  • Clothed Murderers

  • NPC Kits

  • Human NPCs adds interactive human NPCs which can be modded by other plugins



One of the best Arenas plugins on the market :)


Great plugin. Runs flawlessly and has added a lot of fun to the server.


What can you say about k1lly0u the best at plugins. He always updates and supports his plugins. You can not go wrong with anything he creates