Supported Plugins:

Base Repair by MJSU - Allows player to repair their entire base by hitting part of the building with the hammer. type /br to enable *Server Rewards - type /s in chat to bring up the shop interface and items. *Zombie Horde (Chaos Code). Zombies will now stick together, wander the map and target enemies as a group. Hordes can merge together to make larger hordes and will grow when they kill a player Teleportation - type /home add NAME (to add a location), type /home NAME remove (to delete a location), type /home NAME (to teleport to the location)also, /home list, /outpost, /bandit, /town, /tpinfo & /tphelp Trade - type /trade USERNAME (to commence a trade), the recipient types /trade accept *Rust+ app is enabled. CCTV cameras don't need power! *AutoFuel - fireplaces and furnaces don't need fuel *Time Of Day - night-time is 5 minutes. Daytime is 120 minutes *SmoothRestart - announces our daily restart at 04:00am NZST *ZLevels Remastered - shows your skill levels in game and rewards with cash. for gathering and hunting bears and wolves (because they are a pest) *Sign Artist by Whispers88 Load custom images to signs from a remote URL type /sil URL while facing the sign Try to keep it clean! If you have any ingame issues please report them in our Discord

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