Player Challenges and Ranks

This plugin will allow you to keep track of various statistics and set Titles to players when certain criteria have been met or when they are a leader of something. At current there are 20 different categories each with their own tag that can be changed in the config. Animal kills [Hunter] Bow kills [Archer] Clothes crafted [Tailor] Headshots [Assassin] Plants Gathered [Farmer] Players healed [Medic] Players killed [Murderer] Melee kills [Fighter] Revolver kills [Gunslinger] Rockets fired [Rocketeer] Ore gathered [Miner] Blade kills [Swordsman] Structures built [Architect] Structures repaired [Handyman] Explosives thrown [Bomb-tech] Weapons crafted [Gunsmith] Wood gathered [Lumberjack] Quests completed [Adventurer] PVP Kill distance [Sniper] PVE Kill distance [Deadshot] APC Kills [TankHunter] Helicopter Kills [HeliHunter] NPC Kills [BotHunter] Each different category can be toggled on/off in the config. By default as soon as somebody tops the leader board they will be issued the appropriate tag. This can be swapped out for a timer based system in the config. Tags can be stacked, if a player is good enough it is possible for him/her to take every tag

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