DISCLAIMER !!! This plugin does NOT involve any real hacking in any way or form whatsoever. Just gives players a alternate way to break into doors/code locks and card readers by "hacking" the locks with a targeting computer. New Version 1.0.7 - Mouse Cursor will show when hacking automatically now CHANGE YOUR GAME FOREVER !!! RAIDING WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN !!! Hacking and Antihacking In Game Laptops can be used to hack into Code locks and Monument Puzzle Card Readers. They can also be used for Antihack Defense when placed inside you Tool Cupboard. By default, it does NOT SHOW ACTUAL CODE !!! just unlocks it. But can be changed via config. Laptops are removed from player after any successful hack !!! And removed from Tool Cupboard after any successful Antihack Block. All hack times can be changed via configuration file for each standard Code Lock, Green Access Reader, Blue Access Reader and Red Access Reader. * Admins can toggle the ability to hack on and off via server command. Which can be automated to allow hacking during PVP time and off during PVE times.

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