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Player Challenges and Ranks

This plugin will allow you to keep track of various statistics and set Titles to players when certain criteria have been met or when they are a leader of something. At current there are 20 different categories each with their own tag that can be changed in the config. Animal kills [Hunter] Bow kills [Archer] Clothes crafted [Tailor] Headshots [Assassin] Plants Gathered [Farmer] Players healed [Medic] Players killed [Murderer] Melee kills [Fighter] Revolver kills [Gunslinger] Rockets fired [Rocketeer] Ore gathered [Miner] Blade kills [Swordsman] Structures built [Architect] Structures repaired [Handyman] Explosives thrown [Bomb-tech] Weapons crafted [Gunsmith] Wood gathered [Lumberjack] Quests completed [Adventurer] PVP Kill distance [Sniper] PVE Kill distance [Deadshot] APC Kills [TankHunter] Helicopter Kills [HeliHunter] NPC Kills [BotHunter] Each different category can be toggled on/off in the config. By default as soon as somebody tops the leader board they will be issued the appropriate tag. This can be swapped out for a timer based system in the config. Tags can be stacked, if a player is good enough it is possible for him/her to take every tag

Welcome the Bot Spawns

About BotSpawn BotSpawn spawns a set number of Rust AI bots at chosen monuments.
It also supports bots at server airdrops, supply drops, biomes, custom locations, and 'toplayer' by chat command.
Offers Facepunch default scientist, murderers, with additional customisation options, including kits

Blade Runners

Vivos xPoint is waiting for you use /town to visit our showroom

Vivos Group already specializes in building bunkers to help the super-rich survive armageddon, but this latest development has taken things up a notch. It’s called Vivos xPoint, and the super-bunker has enough room for 5,000 people. Even more outstanding? It is strong enough to protect people from a 500,000-pound explosion. There are 575 bunkers covering nine square miles inside Vivos xPoint — so called because, according to the company, “xPoint” is “the point in time when only the prepared will survive.” The complex is situated in South Dakota and is made of rock-solid concrete and steel. Originally, the structures were used by the army to store weapons and ammunition. That’s why they are so strong — the whole point was that they wouldn’t disintegrate if the bombs inside them accidentally went off. Enlarge Image The bunkers used to house army weapons and ammunition. Courtesy of The Vivos Group In 1967 they stopped being used, and the insides were cleared out. Last year Vivos bought the area and began work to transform it into a unique community. Bunkers are about 26 feet wide and up to 80 feet long, making them roomy enough to keep enough supplies for 12 months. The downside? They don’t have electricity, plumbing or air filtering so you’ll be on your own with that one. Of course, you can get a fully decked out bunker, but it’ll cost you more. So how expensive are the bunkers? For a deposit of $25,000, you get a 99-year lease, but you need to pay an extra $1,000 a year for it. Basic renovations including an escape hatch, air vents, fuel tank, wiring, and plumbing cost $12,000.

If you’re feeling flush, you could stump up $20,300 for the more expensive option which includes more walls and better flooring. Well, if you’re going to be stuck in it for 12 months after the apocalypse you might want a few creature comforts. Each area is big enough for between 10 and 20 people, and there are all kinds of decor options. Using LED screens can make the bunker feel like it has windows, plus you can create separate kitchen and dining areas. Even better? There are full-time staff on call to make you as comfortable as possible. They’re the ones to call if anything starts breaking while you’re in your bunker.

Apocalypse Bunker $10

This beautifully crafted, modern and fully HQM built home has just come onto market for the bargain price of $10 Situated minutes from the Giant Excavator in Y9 (Northern State), where the zombie population is lowest, and fresh water flows under the foundations ensuring your long survival. Protected on both sides by the high cliffs from storms & bandits, this early 21st Century beauty was commissioned by Cobalt, and built by the original Scientist who started the human trials on this island. While he is now deceased, he still roams the valley as a zombie, but he no longers needs this 4,000 square metre super structure. Power is supplied by the unlimited wind currents that flow through the valley from the East, also helping to keep the radiation levels at a minimum. Each level of the wind turbine tower is protected by a M39 auto-turret with unlimited explosive rounds. These beauties have infra-red, work in below zero temperatures and run on atomic fuel never needing to be replaced. Front and rear turrets protect the building from any enemies advancing up the valley or scaling down the side walls. The exterior is made from the strongest product available in Rust today. Taking a minimum of 8 blocks of C4 or 15 rockets per wall to breach this bad boy isn't going anywhere in a hurry. No decay and no upkeep ensure maintenance is kept to a minimum. Internally there are separate two living compartments separated by 12 blast doors that take 2 C4 per door. This is the panic zones should a breach occur allowing you to secure yourself while help arrives. Internally turrets face every entrance to cover for any unwanted visitors. Fireplaces line the walls providing all important heating and light from a constant wood source that never runs out. In the first zone there is an Oil Refinery for your heli fuel needs. No need to venture outdoors to stoke this furnace. Zone 2 has all of the mod cons for living in this age. The Large Furnace is encased in blast doors to ensure any fumes exit through the roof and any unwanted visitors trying to break in will be encased by walls. The front of the building utilises 3 blast doors to take in the beautiful scenery while secure behind 3 forward facing gun turrets. Heartbeat sensors open doors to engage enemies and close again after wards. This prevents enemies trying to disable turrets from a distance. All doors are auto-closing, a personal recycler is installed, and water catchers provided for the roof. Interested buyers can view this home by requesting a visit ingame from admin.

The Huntsman

When the hunter becomes the hunted. You must pay the price!

An Investigation Into the Night Club Scene at the Chill Zone

We have been hearing reports of Scientists resorting to abducting vulnerable nakeds for experiments - never to be seen again. We sent an investigative reporter to check out the story. Let's call you Mr X. Mr. X can you please tell us in your own words what happened. Well, I thought I would start by visiting a small bar at the Outpost District and this is what happened. We stopped at this well known place called the Chill Zone i think it was. A nice cosy little place with its own band and a stocked bar. Plenty of locals hanging out and all a really friendly bunch. Next thing I know I had a few ales and time was getting on ya know and I see this young fella, looking a bit , like an outback type of fella talkin to one of the guards. I only noticed because of his hat and i've got one just like it. The Guard nods at him and the young fella joins in the celebrations. Next thing I know its getting pretty late, everyone's having a good time. I was thinking of calling a taxi. So it's probably well into the early hours and I am well over the limit. The next thing I know I wake up in this jail cell. I'm in this fucking one by one prison cell slumped over in a chair with me undies off. The first thing that comes into me head is I got roofied. It's all a bit blurry mate but there was this evil looking fuckin clown thing on the wall looking back at me. I think it said "do you wanna play a game" or something like that. Fucking ugly thing it was too. My head was stompin and i was so farkin thirsty but all I have is this cupboard and a box. Inside the box was this note about what a shit cunt i was and that i have to find my own way out. There was a key so i tried it in the lock. Took me a day to make my way out but here I am. The thing we want people to know is don't be surprised if you wake up here. Its Rust you know and anything can happen. Don't drink with strangers and if you see this fella here report him to the authorities.

Rust Halloween House For Sale $10 lifetime ownership

The owners keep leaving for some reason. It might have something to do with the collection of human skulls and creepy sounds coming from the basement. Own this house in Earth Apocalypse for only $10

HQM Tower Sale $10 lifetime ownership

A 3,000 sq metre metal fortress 200 feet in the sky. Buy Now: Manufactured in high quality metal and able to withstand a Level 6 Tornado, Level 5 Earthquake, 5 megaton nuclear blast, radiation, and storm surges. The largest underground nuclear test conducted by the United States, Project Cannikin was one of three underground nuclear tests performed at different places on this 43-mile long island. This $200 million 1971 test was performed to test an Anti-Ballistic Missile warhead, for a Spartan ABM missile. It consisted of a 5 megaton-yield thermonuclear bomb, detonated in a 50-foot diameter chamber, at the bottom of a 5,875-foot shaft. The island was a military outpost in WWII, and the air field and base camp from that facility were reused for the nuclear testing program. Furnished with a Penthouse story double bedroom, personal recycler, lift from the basement offering maximum security for an attack by Scientists or raiders. Offering an indoor hydroponics gardens using water filtration systems on the rooftop reservoir. Two Medium Level Nickel hydride Batteries using the latest Quantum nuclear powered system (they never run out!) Wall mounted heaters to maintain just the right environment to maintain a constant food supply through the harsh nuclear Winters. A modern and well appointed kitchen with open hearth fireplace for those clode nuclear winter nights, CCTV monitoring system to see who is knocking, food storage and an internal lift to the roof level. This Penthouse also offers a state of the art Panic Room with armoured doors, security system, electronic locks and a mounted AK47 machine gun turret system using infrared targeting. The rooftop affords a magnificent view of the surrounding neighbourhood and a water catchment system. The roof offers the perfect landing site for your personal helicopter and an automated defensive system on the roof will ward off any unwanted visitors. The lift is powered by the Quantum batteries on the Penthouse floor and a lift can be called to the basement once you pass through two levels of security gates. The lift is a two part system ensuring if there was a breach in the basement you could quickly cut power and prevent the lift from operating. The Basement level offers a fully enclosed Large Furnace system and oil furnace for all of your crafting needs. The area is encased in armoured doors and walls requiring massive amounts of explosives to even come close to breaching this level. Overall this property is an excellent example of craftsmanship and offers the most secure living standard available today. For enquiries please contact the property company at and book an inspection. I am sure we can come to a reasonable deal for this affordable home in the sky. Buy Now:

Changes this week

Somewhere on the island Scientists have a lab set-up where they are experimenting on the dead., Find the Lab, interrogate the Scientists, and listen to what they say. Find the secret location of the Uber führer Boss and kill him if you can. The Uber führer Boss is very difficult to take down and is well guarded by his dead army. Complete the mission for ingame prizes: -VIP+ Gold for a month -Loot -$250,000 Economics -skins -$25 Paypal giveaway Change Log: Shark Bait by ChaosCode. Sharks are now in the water and can upturn boats and kill swimmers Change Log: Better Warp added by ChaosCode. NTeleportation TP has been replaced. Use /warp list to see locations you can use Change Log: Helicopter Custom Tiers. Multiple types of patrol helicopters with different health. Shooting them now gives high-end loot Change Log: 10X Gather Rate reduced to 2X so Hunt RPG handles gather rates, crafting rates when you claims stats and skills

Is a Bradley combat arena a good idea

would players use a Bradley arena? Events can teleport you to an area and save your loadout. Would anyone want to drive around in a tank?

Enterprise V5 $10 lifetime ownership

Enterprise : This package will give you the ability to Paste "enterprisev5" within 20 minutes of logging into the Apocalypse Earth Server. You are buying all rights to the Enterprise for a lifetime. The ship is a special high quality metal alloy suited for accommodating up to 500 crew in deep  space travel. The ship has two Class 4 Fusion Engines that powers the ship in flight to a top speed of Warp Factor 4. Inspection Pre-Sale: There is a demo unit on display that you may visit. This Enterprise V5 has the latest technology in Zone Manager force fields offering a defensive force field surrounding the entire ship. The force-field is fusion generated so should never fail and will stabilize the ship from any risk of decay, instability or Scientist attacks. Defensive systems are: 7 external Scientist Sentry guns popular in the 21st Century. They have unlimited ammo and have both 50 caliber munitions and anti-aircraft surface to air missiles.  You do not want to make yourself hostile around these babies. The Bridge: Gallery: Officers Mess: Hangar and Docking Bay: Helicopter Bay: Comfortable well accommodated sleeping quarters for 20 guests. A modern bathroom, vehicle bay (includes a combustion engine sedan and a mini copter). A Transport Bay. Mini Copter garaging. Instructions to Use: Buying this package will automatically grant you access to the plugin Copy/Paste  for up to 20 minutes. If you need longer just message admin. Go to the location you wish to install your ship. Remember that the ship will be 100-200 metres up in the sky wherever you select your location. It is recommended you use a low land area and not a mountain range unless you plan to locate the ship at a lower altitude. Stand as if you are facing the ship. Look at the ground and not up. In chat type "/paste enterprisev5 height 100" and watch the show. If you don't like the placement type "/undo" There are no refunds.

The Lakeside Apartment Complex

Congratulations on your rental agreement for this pre-owned early 2025, end of the world styled bunker, built by someone who didn't make it through the apocalypse and no longer needs it. Lakeside Apartment Complex: This package will give you the ability to Paste the "lakeside_apartment" within 20 minutes of logging into the server. You are renting the apartment complex for the period of 30 days. You do not own the apartment and cannot remove any items at the end of your lease period. The apartment is a spacial 150,000+ square metre metal bunker designed for accommodating up to 4 guests. The Apartment has its own salt water purification system and indoor halogen gardens, sufficient to grow enough food crops to get you through the lease. It comes with storage boxes laden with supplies to get you through the next 30 days alive. Outside is a personal helipad and offshore bridge to allow for collection of salmon from your fishing traps. The area is a fully gated-community with state of the art digital key locking systems and remote CCTV cameras.  For defense the apartment comes with a dual tesla high-voltage electric fence system, designed to keep all of those wild animals and bandits at bay while you bunker down. The entire compound is surrounded by 6-foot high wooden fence with a secure gate and intercom system. The perimeter is surrounded by land mines to keep anyone coming too close off the fence line. Internal defenses include a state-of-the-art semi-automatic laser guided turret weapon system offering 500 rounds of 5.56 mm lead at 40 rounds per second for anyone stupid enough to break-in. The laser turret system will detect any movement in zero luminosity that are not authorized on your Tool Closet (unless of course if you place the turret into Peacekeeper mode, where it will only fire on armed and hostile persons). The power comes from a rather antiquated windmill that can give you a reliable 200 volts of constant DC current night and day to power the water pumps and water purification system. In addition the Turret and Tesla coils run on their own dedicated mini-nuclear power supply that will not run out of power in our lifetimes. Instructions to Use: Buying this package will automatically grant you access to the plugin Copy Paste and the Kit "lakeside_apartment" for 20 minutes. If you need longer just message admin. Go to the location you wish to install your base. It is recommended you use a beach or shoreline of a lake as the complex is designed to sit facing the water. Their is a bridge connecting out over the water. Stand as if you are on the back wall and center of the building facing towards the waters edge. Leave about 5 metres of beach in front of you so that the base is on the edge of the beach. In chat type /paste lakeside_apartment and watch the show. If you don't like the placement type /undo (must be before you use any other commands so decide quickly) If you wished you could build your own design and copy it for future wipes or relocation's. To do this stand at the center of your foundation facing your base. In chat type /copy <your_base_name>.

VIP Package Details

This package will give you all the features listed below for 30 days: This non-refundable donation gives you access to Silver VIP perks, on Earth Apocalypse! VIP Level 1 Silver Package. Weekly VIP_Kits /kits Building Grades /up 1-4 or /down NTeleportation Homes unlimited 10 locations. NTeleportation /Bandit /Town & /Outpost. Removal Tool /remove Personal Chinook (CH47) /spawn ch47 Crafting rate increase by 50%. Quick smelt 20 x rate. Backpack increase to 5 rows. bind b backpack.use Buy Airstrikes. /airstrike buy <strike/squad> Buy Paratroopers. /pt player playername Private Messages. /pm player message Never Wear attire. Sign Artist. /sil URL License for Car, HAB, Mini, rhib, horse, rowboat, Sedan,  Transport heli & Chinook (CH47). /license Skinbox (full access to Rust Workshop). /skinbox Skin Shop /skin shop Trade with any player. /trade and /accept Building Repair tool. /br VIP Discord channel - Priority support. Personal locked channel. VIP Silver Status in Chat. New perks as they become available. Early access to map developments. Item Skin Randomizer Quantum Battery (never runs out) SimpleSort Trade with any player. /trade and /accept Thank you for your support. This package will give you all the features listed below for 30 days: This non-refundable donat ion gives you access to Silver VIP perks, on Earth Apocalypse! VIP+ Level 2 Gold Package. Weekly VIP Gold_Kits /kits Extended Recycler - a personal Recycler for your base. Building Grades /up or /down 1-4 NTeleportation Homes 100x per day 10 locations. NTeleportation /Bandit /Town & /Outpost. NTeleportation /tp /tpr /tpl Personal Chinook (CH47) /spawn ch47 Personal UHY1 (UHY1) /spawnhc uhy1 Crafting rate increase by 50%. Quick smelt 20 x rate. Backpack increase to 7 rows. bind b backpack.use Airstrikes. /airstrike call <strike/squad> Paratroopers. /pt player playername Private Messages. /pm player message Sign Artist. /sil URL License for Car, HAB, Mini, rhib, horse, rowboat, Sedan, Transport heli & Chinook (CH47). /license Skinbox (full access to Rust Workshop). /skinbox Skin Shop /skin shop Trade with any player. /trade Building Repair tool_no cost. /br No durability on tools, weapons, & attire. VIP Discord channel - Priority support. Personal locked channel. VIP Gold Status in Chat & Discord. New perks as they become available. Item Skin Randomizer Quantum Battery (never runs out) Zone Manager - you select which flags. Thank you for your support. Once purchased your rank will be activated instantly!

New Haven City Arrives

The City hovering above the Outpost is New Haven. Humans created these cities hoping to escape the radioactive world below. This is one of the few still operating, most ran out of resources and plummeted to the ground below. NH is a safe zone and can be entered using /town to teleport there. There are 2 escort fighter ships the Ulysses and the Pegasus. You may enter the Ulysses using the command /Outpost. This is also a safe zone but the species aboard is definitely not human. Along with its Escort


DISCLAIMER !!! This plugin does NOT involve any real hacking in any way or form whatsoever. Just gives players a alternate way to break into doors/code locks and card readers by "hacking" the locks with a targeting computer. New Version 1.0.7 - Mouse Cursor will show when hacking automatically now CHANGE YOUR GAME FOREVER !!! RAIDING WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN !!! Hacking and Antihacking In Game Laptops can be used to hack into Code locks and Monument Puzzle Card Readers. They can also be used for Antihack Defense when placed inside you Tool Cupboard. By default, it does NOT SHOW ACTUAL CODE !!! just unlocks it. But can be changed via config. Laptops are removed from player after any successful hack !!! And removed from Tool Cupboard after any successful Antihack Block. All hack times can be changed via configuration file for each standard Code Lock, Green Access Reader, Blue Access Reader and Red Access Reader. * Admins can toggle the ability to hack on and off via server command. Which can be automated to allow hacking during PVP time and off during PVE times.

Dragon Valley Map

A map with valleys, suspension bridges and a huge volcano in it’s center, you will also find castle and villages. – Map Size : 3500km

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