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Update on Plugins

Zombie Horde by k1lly0u, - few servers have real Zombies.

Airstrikes - constant napalm strikes to clear the infestation.

Earthquake by k1lly0u - realistic earthquakes.

Fancy Drop - better loot, lower altitude, smoke grenade to locate it.

HumanNPC - Trader interactions with AI.

Monument Radiation - radiation levels rise and fall.

Paratroopers - nasty military air drops to cleanse the landscape.

Quests - get paid for quests.

Rain of Fire - meteor bombardments.

Sign Artist - put an image on your base and be seen!.

Tank Commander - drive a fully operating tank.

ZLevels Remastered - level up mining.

Dangerous Treasures - loot drops defended by fire, AI and players.

Server Rewards - get paid and spend money at the Traders.

Teleportation - set teleport locations. Get home safe!.

Trade - trade with any player at a safe distance.

Economics - accumulate wealth to spend at the NPC Traders.

Money Time - paid for playing, paid for killing, paid for gathering resources.

This is my chicken friend cefa (c for chicken). Her friend was roasted slowly over a campfire but she has stuck by me ever since. mmmm chicken.

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