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The Lakeside Apartment Complex

Congratulations on your rental agreement for this pre-owned early 2025, end of the world styled bunker, built by someone who didn't make it through the apocalypse and no longer needs it.

Lakeside Apartment Complex:

This package will give you the ability to Paste the "lakeside_apartment" within 20 minutes of logging into the server.

You are renting the apartment complex for the period of 30 days. You do not own the apartment and cannot remove any items at the end of your lease period.

The apartment is a spacial 150,000+ square metre metal bunker designed for accommodating up to 4 guests.

The Apartment has its own salt water purification system and indoor halogen gardens, sufficient to grow enough food crops to get you through the lease.

It comes with storage boxes laden with supplies to get you through the next 30 days alive. Outside is a personal helipad and offshore bridge to allow for collection of salmon from your fishing traps.

The area is a fully gated-community with state of the art digital key locking systems and remote CCTV cameras.  For defense the apartment comes with a dual tesla high-voltage electric fence system, designed to keep all of those wild animals and bandits at bay while you bunker down. 

The entire compound is surrounded by 6-foot high wooden fence with a secure gate and intercom system. The perimeter is surrounded by land mines to keep anyone coming too close off the fence line.

Internal defenses include a state-of-the-art semi-automatic laser guided turret weapon system offering 500 rounds of 5.56 mm lead at 40 rounds per second for anyone stupid enough to break-in.  

The laser turret system will detect any movement in zero luminosity that are not authorized on your Tool Closet (unless of course if you place the turret into Peacekeeper mode, where it will only fire on armed and hostile persons).

The power comes from a rather antiquated windmill that can give you a reliable 200 volts of constant DC current night and day to power the water pumps and water purification system. 

In addition the Turret and Tesla coils run on their own dedicated mini-nuclear power supply that will not run out of power in our lifetimes.

Instructions to Use:

  • Buying this package will automatically grant you access to the plugin Copy Paste and the Kit "lakeside_apartment" for 20 minutes. If you need longer just message admin.

  • Go to the location you wish to install your base.

  • It is recommended you use a beach or shoreline of a lake as the complex is designed to sit facing the water. Their is a bridge connecting out over the water.

  • Stand as if you are on the back wall and center of the building facing towards the waters edge. Leave about 5 metres of beach in front of you so that the base is on the edge of the beach.

  • In chat type /paste lakeside_apartment and watch the show.

  • If you don't like the placement type /undo (must be before you use any other commands so decide quickly)

  • If you wished you could build your own design and copy it for future wipes or relocation's. To do this stand at the center of your foundation facing your base. In chat type /copy <your_base_name>.

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