• Papi

Player Challenges and Ranks

This plugin will allow you to keep track of various statistics and set Titles to players when certain criteria have been met or when they are a leader of something.

At current there are 20 different categories each with their own tag that can be changed in the config.

  • Animal kills [Hunter]

  • Bow kills [Archer]

  • Clothes crafted [Tailor]

  • Headshots [Assassin]

  • Plants Gathered [Farmer]

  • Players healed [Medic]

  • Players killed [Murderer]

  • Melee kills [Fighter]

  • Revolver kills [Gunslinger]

  • Rockets fired [Rocketeer]

  • Ore gathered [Miner]

  • Blade kills [Swordsman]

  • Structures built [Architect]

  • Structures repaired [Handyman]

  • Explosives thrown [Bomb-tech]

  • Weapons crafted [Gunsmith]

  • Wood gathered [Lumberjack]

  • Quests completed [Adventurer]

  • PVP Kill distance [Sniper]

  • PVE Kill distance [Deadshot]

  • APC Kills [TankHunter]

  • Helicopter Kills [HeliHunter]

  • NPC Kills [BotHunter]

Each different category can be toggled on/off in the config. By default as soon as somebody tops the leader board they will be issued the appropriate tag. This can be swapped out for a timer based system in the config.

Tags can be stacked, if a player is good enough it is possible for him/her to take every tag