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HQM Tower Sale $10 lifetime ownership

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

A 3,000 sq metre metal fortress 200 feet in the sky.

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Manufactured in high quality metal and able to withstand a Level 6 Tornado, Level 5 Earthquake, 5 megaton nuclear blast, radiation, and storm surges.

The largest underground nuclear test conducted by the United States, Project Cannikin was one of three underground nuclear tests performed at different places on this 43-mile long island. This $200 million 1971 test was performed to test an Anti-Ballistic Missile warhead, for a Spartan ABM missile. It consisted of a 5 megaton-yield thermonuclear bomb, detonated in a 50-foot diameter chamber, at the bottom of a 5,875-foot shaft. The island was a military outpost in WWII, and the air field and base camp from that facility were reused for the nuclear testing program.

Furnished with a Penthouse story double bedroom, personal recycler, lift from the basement offering maximum security for an attack by Scientists or raiders.

Offering an indoor hydroponics gardens using water filtration systems on the rooftop reservoir. Two Medium Level Nickel hydride Batteries using the latest Quantum nuclear powered system (they never run out!)

Wall mounted heaters to maintain just the right environment to maintain a constant food supply through the harsh nuclear Winters.

A modern and well appointed kitchen with open hearth fireplace for those clode nuclear winter nights, CCTV monitoring system to see who is knocking, food storage and an internal lift to the roof level. This Penthouse also offers a state of the art Panic Room with armoured doors, security system, electronic locks and a mounted AK47 machine gun turret system using infrared targeting.

The rooftop affords a magnificent view of the surrounding neighbourhood and a water catchment system. The roof offers the perfect landing site for your personal helicopter and an automated defensive system on the roof will ward off any unwanted visitors.

The lift is powered by the Quantum batteries on the Penthouse floor and a lift can be called to the basement once you pass through two levels of security gates. The lift is a two part system ensuring if there was a breach in the basement you could quickly cut power and prevent the lift from operating.

The Basement level offers a fully enclosed Large Furnace system and oil furnace for all of your crafting needs. The area is encased in armoured doors and walls requiring massive amounts of explosives to even come close to breaching this level.

Overall this property is an excellent example of craftsmanship and offers the most secure living standard available today. For enquiries please contact the property company at and book an inspection. I am sure we can come to a reasonable deal for this affordable home in the sky.

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