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Enterprise V5 $10 lifetime ownership

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Enterprise :

This package will give you the ability to Paste "enterprisev5" within 20 minutes of logging into the Apocalypse Earth Server.

You are buying all rights to the Enterprise for a lifetime.

The ship is a special high quality metal alloy suited for accommodating up to 500 crew in deep  space travel.

The ship has two Class 4 Fusion Engines that powers the ship in flight to a top speed of Warp Factor 4.

Inspection Pre-Sale:

There is a demo unit on display that you may visit.

This Enterprise V5 has the latest technology in Zone Manager force fields offering a defensive force field surrounding the entire ship. The force-field is fusion generated so should never fail and will stabilize the ship from any risk of decay, instability or Scientist attacks.  

Defensive systems are:

7 external Scientist Sentry guns popular in the 21st Century. They have unlimited ammo and have both 50 caliber munitions and anti-aircraft surface to air missiles.  You do not want to make yourself hostile around these babies.

The Bridge:


Officers Mess:

Hangar and Docking Bay:

Helicopter Bay:

Comfortable well accommodated sleeping quarters for 20 guests.

A modern bathroom, vehicle bay (includes a combustion engine sedan and a mini copter). 

A Transport Bay. Mini Copter garaging.

Instructions to Use:

  1. Buying this package will automatically grant you access to the plugin Copy/Paste  for up to 20 minutes. If you need longer just message admin.

  2. Go to the location you wish to install your ship. Remember that the ship will be 100-200 metres up in the sky wherever you select your location.

  3. It is recommended you use a low land area and not a mountain range unless you plan to locate the ship at a lower altitude.

  4. Stand as if you are facing the ship. Look at the ground and not up.

  5. In chat type "/paste enterprisev5 height 100" and watch the show.

  6. If you don't like the placement type "/undo"

There are no refunds.

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