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Earth Apocalypse Server Added

Welcome to the Apocalypse Group of Rust Servers! Fighting to survive in a hostile environment where everything wants to kill you; Zombies, vicious animals, vicious players. Sound about right? This is an apocalypse baby. Don't expect any help, it's man eat man. Survive, thrive adapt or die!. Our Servers include:

1. The Apocalypse Earth

2. Rust Apocalypse

Zombie Horde by Chaos, Airstrike, Fancy Drop, HumanNPC, Monument Radiation, Quests, Rain of Fire, Sign Artist, ZLevels Remastered, Dangerous Treasures, Server Rewards, Trade, Economics, Money Time. AutoFuel, Backpacks, BaseRepair, BetterChat, BetterLoot, BuildingGrades, CopyPaste, EventManager, GatherRewards, GunGame, ImageLibrary, Kits, MagicPanel, Npctp, NTeleportation, PathFinding, PopupNotifications, Quests, RainOfFire, RealisticWeather, RotatingDeathBags, Spawns, TimedExecute, TimeOfDay, Waypoints, WipeSchedule, and ZoneManager.

The Earth – Apocalypse is the latest map from Keirox. Over 6 months of hard work, this map features a post-apocalyptic city, including some New York skyscrapers, The Golden Gate bridge, Hoover Dam, AC-130 Plane Monuments, crazy electricity puzzles, and much more. – Monuments : Harbour, The Dome, Super Market, Compound, Bandit Camp, Giant Excavator, Large Oil Rig. – Custom : Installation 07, AC-130 Hangar, AC-130 Crash Site, Apocalyptic City, Infected Scientist Bunker, Mariana Trench, Abandoned Outpost. Visit our Website! Zombie Apocalypse

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