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Changes this week

Somewhere on the island Scientists have a lab set-up where they are experimenting on the dead.,

Find the Lab, interrogate the Scientists, and listen to what they say.

Find the secret location of the Uber führer Boss and kill him if you can.

The Uber führer Boss is very difficult to take down and is well guarded by his dead army.

Complete the mission for ingame prizes: -VIP+ Gold for a month -Loot -$250,000 Economics -skins -$25 Paypal giveaway

Change Log: Shark Bait by ChaosCode. Sharks are now in the water and can upturn boats and kill swimmers

Change Log: Better Warp added by ChaosCode. NTeleportation TP has been replaced. Use /warp list to see locations you can use

Change Log: Helicopter Custom Tiers. Multiple types of patrol helicopters with different health. Shooting them now gives high-end loot

Change Log: 10X Gather Rate reduced to 2X so Hunt RPG handles gather rates, crafting rates when you claims stats and skills

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