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Apocalypse Bunker $10

This beautifully crafted, modern and fully HQM built home has just come onto market for the bargain price of $10

Situated minutes from the Giant Excavator in Y9 (Northern State), where the zombie population is lowest, and fresh water flows under the foundations ensuring your long survival.

Protected on both sides by the high cliffs from storms & bandits, this early 21st Century beauty was commissioned by Cobalt, and built by the original Scientist who started the human trials on this island. While he is now deceased, he still roams the valley as a zombie, but he no longers needs this 4,000 square metre super structure.

Power is supplied by the unlimited wind currents that flow through the valley from the East, also helping to keep the radiation levels at a minimum. Each level of the wind turbine tower is protected by a M39 auto-turret with unlimited explosive rounds. These beauties have infra-red, work in below zero temperatures and run on atomic fuel never needing to be replaced.

Front and rear turrets protect the building from any enemies advancing up the valley or scaling down the side walls.

The exterior is made from the strongest product available in Rust today. Taking a minimum of 8 blocks of C4 or 15 rockets per wall to breach this bad boy isn't going anywhere in a hurry.

No decay and no upkeep ensure maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Internally there are separate two living compartments separated by 12 blast doors that take 2 C4 per door. This is the panic zones should a breach occur allowing you to secure yourself while help arrives.

Internally turrets face every entrance to cover for any unwanted visitors. Fireplaces line the walls providing all important heating and light from a constant wood source that never runs out.

In the first zone there is an Oil Refinery for your heli fuel needs. No need to venture outdoors to stoke this furnace.

Zone 2 has all of the mod cons for living in this age. The Large Furnace is encased in blast doors to ensure any fumes exit through the roof and any unwanted visitors trying to break in will be encased by walls.

The front of the building utilises 3 blast doors to take in the beautiful scenery while secure behind 3 forward facing gun turrets. Heartbeat sensors open doors to engage enemies and close again after wards. This prevents enemies trying to disable turrets from a distance.

All doors are auto-closing, a personal recycler is installed, and water catchers provided for the roof.

Interested buyers can view this home by requesting a visit ingame from admin.

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