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An Investigation Into the Night Club Scene at the Chill Zone

We have been hearing reports of Scientists resorting to abducting vulnerable nakeds for experiments - never to be seen again.

We sent an investigative reporter to check out the story.

Let's call you Mr X. Mr. X can you please tell us in your own words what happened.

Well, I thought I would start by visiting a small bar at the Outpost District and this is what happened.

We stopped at this well known place called the Chill Zone i think it was. A nice cosy little place with its own band and a stocked bar. Plenty of locals hanging out and all a really friendly bunch.

Next thing I know I had a few ales and time was getting on ya know and I see this young fella, looking a bit , like an outback type of fella talkin to one of the guards. I only noticed because of his hat and i've got one just like it.

The Guard nods at him and the young fella joins in the celebrations. Next thing I know its getting pretty late, everyone's having a good time. I was thinking of calling a taxi.

So it's probably well into the early hours and I am well over the limit. The next thing I know I wake up in this jail cell.

I'm in this fucking one by one prison cell slumped over in a chair with me undies off. The first thing that comes into me head is I got roofied.

It's all a bit blurry mate but there was this evil looking fuckin clown thing on the wall looking back at me.

I think it said "do you wanna play a game" or something like that. Fucking ugly thing it was too.

My head was stompin and i was so farkin thirsty but all I have is this cupboard and a box.

Inside the box was this note about what a shit cunt i was and that i have to find my own way out. There was a key so i tried it in the lock. Took me a day to make my way out but here I am.

The thing we want people to know is don't be surprised if you wake up here. Its Rust you know and anything can happen. Don't drink with strangers and if you see this fella here report him to the authorities.

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