Why be a Donator?

Purchases help with the server costs, website, paid plugins, and custom maps.

More Donator purchases mean the more time we dedicate to making the server even better, and also upgrade to faster machines.

How do i redeem my Donator?

Once you make an online purchase the permissions are applied to give you a class of Healer, Support, Tank, Bruiser or Ranged Assassin. Simply type in game /kit to redeem, then you can do a daily /kit for your Donator class to collect the Daily Perks. Your Main Kit is redeemable every 3 days.

Please redeem your Donator class in a safe location, we do not refund lost items.


After purchasing, the Donator code will be valid for every wipe on Earth Apocalypse for a duration of 6 months.

After a fresh wipe however, there is a 6, 24 or 36 hour wait before you can redeem the items to prevent Donators from getting an unfair start over a non-Donator.
Donator codes do NOT stack (no pay to win in here), you can only activate 1 per wipe, if you want to upgrade just ask in chat.


  • Due to the nature of the game, I reserve the right to change any items/perks and/or item amounts without notice. 

  • Some perks may be temporarily disabled if any performance issues are being caused by them. 

  • Absolutely no kit refunds, item refunds for lost items, redeem all kits in a safe base!

  • DO NOT purchase Donator until you are 100% confident that Earth Apocalypse is the right Server right for you.

  • Scammers and cheaters WILL be permanently IP banned and Donator will be revoked. 


Donator codes can be upgraded anytime.


  • You would send the difference and your current code would be upgraded to the new class.

  • Upgrades take effect immediately. 

  • ​Upgrading does not reset your Donator expiration date. 

  • If you have any questions or if you wish to upgrade simply ask in Discord or chat.


Perks are an added Bonus (free of charge) to a Donator package and are subject to change, be tweaked or removed without notice.

When your purchase Donator you are only purchasing the in game items, Perks are simply an added Bonus and they are free of charge.
- Some perks may be temporarily disabled if any performance issues are being caused by them. 

Changes are constantly being made to the mechanics of perks to prevent abuse, perks are meant to make the game more interesting, but at the same time i can't have the abuse. If you have any questions or suggestions just ask in Discord help.