Updated: Jun 28

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Profile of a Zombie : Chapter 1

Everyone thinks there is only one kind of zombie. Well there's not.

We have at least 9 of them that we have confirmed around the map. We know of possibly 3 more varieties that only come out at night and others that lurk in the swamps or underground in the dark and vast network of caves.

  1. The Military Zombies - Raiding Zombies

These guys are nasty, nasty. Ex-military, highly trained, already have weapons and ordinances on them. That's a bad combination.

This is an extension of the Zombie Horde Plugin by ChaosCode called Raiding Zombies 1.0.9 by Razor.

This Requires 'ZombieHorde'

They will shoot rockets and toss C4 at bases around the map they encounter while roaming.

Plugin Rated:

Developer: Razor


Great Plugin Does exactly what I needed it for, it put pressure on my players and adds more to the survival aspect of rust, love it!, Giving a one for this plugin is ignorant, so I'll be Giving it a 5,Reasoning! - Fun factor=(2) Ease of use=(3), people should learn to read things holistically before they decide to go with it, the guy that said it doesn't work gave it a 1 and he didn't even install the dependency first 0_0, then the other guy that said "it doesn't work really", made the ignorant 1 rating decision because they kill themselves sometimes, that doesn't happen all the time, and they use rockets on players if the player has gone inside, they target the last seen location, feel sorry for you Razor, these people just don't know this plugins real worth or just don't read properly. Rant done.

They are never alone. They come in squads or units of 4 or more. They are armed and carry both C4 and rocket launchers. If they see you they follow you home and attack your base by throwing C4 and rockets at it until it breaks.

Chance = When horde member spawns the chance of him being able to have c4 or rockets.

totalC4 = How many c4 he has.

totalRockets = How many rockets he can shoot.

targetPlayerOnly = Will target the bases only of the player he seen last.

"Settings": {

"chance": 99,

"totalExplosives": 50,

"totalRockets": 25,

"explosive": "explosive.timed",

"targetPlayerOnly": true

2. The Original Zombie Horde by K1lly0u that started the genre

Create hordes of zombies (customizable murderers) that roam around your server in packs.

Spawn at monuments by default but can use Random Spawns to spawn in other more random locations.

Highly configurable to roam the entire map in a horde and to grow the hordes when they collide with other hordes. This is a nice little feature to create larger herds of zombies that can become a much bigger threat. Hordes become herds or swarms.

A Herd, also known as a Horde or a Swarm, is a large group of zombies. They are usually attracted by sound, leading a few individuals to come together, eventually finding and merging with new groups, growing larger and larger and even more ferocious.

Herds wander around without a real purpose until attracted by sounds or prey. Herds are notably more aggressive than smaller groups, and the presence of zombies around other zombies almost creates a "synapse", or "hive-mind" effect, with them able to react more quickly by watching what others do rather than acting on their own. Herds can smash through the heaviest of barricades, tear down fences, and completely overwhelm humans in waves of undead bodies, and are essentially the zombie population at its most dangerous.

If you don't keep the zombie numbers in check you will have a problem in a very short timeframe. Swarms through their massive numbers can easily push through almost anything. If they can't damage the immovable object they climb over each other until they get to the top and then spill over the object allowing the swarm to push onwards.

This makes walls and medium sized buildings susceptible to swarm attacks.

You will need a new strategy to fight the swarms.


- Horde members will stick together, they will wander the map and target enemies as a group

- Hordes can merge together when in proximity to create a even larger horde

- Spawn a specified amount of hordes when the plugin loads, and respawn them as they are killed

- Option to make the horde gain members over time

- Option to make the horde gain a member when they kill a player

- Option for headshot instant kills

- Option for horde members to sense nearby sounds such as explosions, gunshots, tree's falling down, etc and run to investigate

- When a horde loses sight of a target they will attempt to find that target by travelling to the last location they saw them, if they don't they will continue wandering

- Customizable health, damage multiplier and kits for horde members

Plugin Rated:

Developer: K1lly0u


This must be one of the best plugins I purchased from here. It just works! Setup and configuration are easy. I do recommend going with the random spawner plugin or using spawns database to make your own spawns. If you do not customize the spawn location, the zombies will all spawn at the beach and will take revenge against all the nakeds joining the server. Customizing the Kits for the zombies is another really good touch. Thank you for these options dev!

3. Raidable Bases by nivex

Spawns zombies with raidable bases and defend them from attackers.

The premium version includes all 5 difficulties, player lockouts, buyable events, an improved ranked system and additional npc features. The free version does not contain these features and has one difficulty setting (normal mode).

Bases can have 5 difficulty settings: 0 for easy, 1 for medium, 2 for hard, 3 for expert, and 4 for nightmare. This is configurable per profile.

Bases can spawn on roads and other areas that do not allow building by Rust. Building ladders in these areas is allowed by the plugin. I will add support for building twig later.


Plugin Rated:

Developer: nivex


4. NPCKits 1.0.7 By Steenamaroo

About NPCKits

Give kits to all Rust npcs by location/type. Also mods weapon drop and condition. General information. Give custom Kits to all default Rust npc types, and control what, if anything, becomes lootable when the npc is killed. Also has control for dropping weapon on death, weapon condition, and magazine contents.

NPC types.

  • Military Tunnel

  • Junkpile Scientist

  • Mounted Scientist (CH47)

  • Compound Scientist

  • BanditTown

  • Murderer

  • ScareCrow

  • CargoShip

  • HeavyScientists

  • Excavator

  • OilRig

Options per type:

  • "enabled": false,

  • "Kits": [],

  • "Health": 150,

  • "Weapon_Drop_Percent": 100,

  • "Min_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent": 100,

  • "Max_Weapon_Drop_Condition_Percent": 100,

  • "Dropped_Weapon_Has_Ammo_Percent_Chance": 100,

  • "Wipe_Default_Inventory", Wipe default inventory of spawned npc.

  • "Wipe_Main_Percent": 100, - Remove from corpse anything placed in main by Kits plugin

  • "Wipe_Clothing_Percent": 100, - Remove from corpse anything placed in clothing by Kits plugin

  • "Wipe_Belt_Percent": 100, - Remove from corpse anything placed in belt by Kits plugin

  • "Default_Rust_Loot_Percent": 100 - Remove from corpse default loot given by Rust

This is a nice little trick. By adding NPC Kits we have added Zombie attire to the Scientists and Bandits to extend the zombie types.

By adding the Halloween NPC's into the Server.cfg file you can enable Scarecrows and Murderers as another type of zombie in the game.

halloween true

halloween.murdererpopulation 3

halloween.scarecrowpopulation 3

  • Military Tunnel

  • Junkpile Scientist

  • Mounted Scientist (CH47)

  • Compound Scientist

  • BanditTown

  • Murderer

  • ScareCrow

  • CargoShip

  • HeavyScientists

  • Excavator

  • OilRig

Plugin Rated:

Developer: steenamaroo


Steen is a GOD. If you want to theme your NPCs, customize their loot, and do it in a super simple fashion? This is it. You will not be disappointed.

5. BotSpawn 2.1.6 By Steenamaroo

About BotSpawn

BotSpawn spawns a set number of Rust AI bots at chosen monuments. It also supports bots at server airdrops, supply drops, biomes, custom locations, and 'toplayer' by chat command.

Offers Facepunch default scientist and murderers, with additional customisation options, including kits. BotSpawn allows storage of sets of data files. Each set has a prefix in their names and a specific set is loaded by setting this prefix in config - DataPrefix = "NameHere",

  • Default locations are generated automatically and their settings are held in /oxide/data/BotSpawn/prefix-DefaultProfiles.json.

  • Custom location are added by chat-command and their settings are held in /oxide/data/BotSpawn/prefix-CustomProfiles.json.

Recent updates notes. The way custom spawn points are stored changed in V2.1.2. The change means three main things. 1: You will have to remove and re-add all your custom spawn points. 2: If you're using Parent_Monument with custom spawn points, those custom spawn points will now automatically relocate each wipe. I.E. You will no longer have to set them up from scratch every wipe. 3: If you're using Parent_Monument with custom spawn points, Parent_Monument must be set (and botspawn reloaded) before adding custom spawn points. If you change Parent_Monument, or set it later, all custom spawn points will need removed and re-done.

Plugin Rated:

Developer: Steenamaroo


I've been using this plugin about as long as I've been running my servers. I was vanilla for a bit in the beginning. But this was one of the plugins that made me switch. Back when NPCs were just a console command for admins only.

Back then I was overwhelmed by the options it had. But holy hell it's come a long way since then. The settings this plugin has are so precise you may want to bail at first. But just yourself a little bit to learn what they are. It'll all make sense and editing is a breeze after that. It doesn't matter if the server is PvE/PvP or other. This plugin has a place on your server.

Be sure to check out NPCKits, which is more or less a companion plugin to this. You can spice up the Vanilla NPCs on your server.