Welcome to Earth Apocalypse

Raid Server

Below you can find information about Earth Apocalypse and its community. We’re a friendly server with active admins and a friendly community.


We have 10 Raid Bases running around the clock for you to practice raiding. The base designs are made by people playing on the server. Bases difficulties are easy 20%, medium 20%, hard 30%, expert 20% and nightmare 10% level bases. Raids are locked to the first attacker.

All up we have over 70 unique base designs for everyone from the new player to a seasoned Rust-God wanting to hone his skills in a toxic-free environment. 

The environment in Earth Apocalypse is simply rated, hard-f*cking-core (HFC). If you want challening raids with massive loot rewards you have come to the right place. Just stay away from the Monuments. That's where my zombie creations are chilling out.


The only aim in Rust is to survive. 

To do this you will need to overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Build a fire.

Build a shelter. Kill animals for meat. Protect yourself from other players, and kill them for meat.

Whatever it takes to survive.

Earth Apocalypse was created by a dedicated and experienced Rust Admin. Our aim is to provide players with an environment free from hackers and toxicity.

The Events

- RustTanic. The cargo ship has been hijacked by pirates and is on a collision course with an iceberg.

- Heli Refuel. A mini-event where a helicopter populated with NPCs needs to land to refuel.

- Zombie Horde. Hordes of zombies that roam around your server looking for brains.

- Deepwater Rig Event. Kick ass Oil Rig Water event with Heli, explosions and kick ass loot.

- Pilot Eject. A mini event where a helicopter malfunctions and the pilot has to eject.

- Raidable Bases. Fully automated raidable bases with NPCs.

- Guarded Crate. Spawns custom random events at locations guarded by scientists.

- Paratroopers. Spawns a paratroopers event that deploys from the cargo plane at a random area.

- Huntsman.  Hunting the wildlife outside of season is illegal. The Park Ranger may find you.

Any questions please join the discord here

Wipe Cycle Information
●  Map Wipes Weekly - Last: 20/11 - Next: 27/11
●  Blueprints Fortnightly - Last: 20/11 - Next: 04/12

Group Rules
●  Max group size 3.
●  Groups can be friendly toward other groups/players, cannot raid or roam together.
●  Groups may substitute/swap one player from their group once per wipe, notify staff first.
●  Breaking group limits will result in that group being banned for 14 days.

Trading Guidelines 
●  Trading/Gifting loot must be done via vending machine or shopfronts, inside the Outpost/Bandit Camp.
●  Groups are not permitted to bag-in or allow other players in their base to craft items or to trade.

Cheating & Toxicity
●  Use hacks, scripts or exploits to gain an unfair advantage over other players, banned.
●  Found in a group with a hacker, banned for the remainder of the wipe.
●  Being overly toxic, racist or spamming in chat will result in a mute or a ban.
●  Suspect a hacker or group larger than three, use the in-game 
/F7 window.

Click here to connect directly to the server.

Official Links: 
Discord ● Twitter ● Facebook ● Steam ●

You can find us by searching for “Earth Apocalypse” under the modded tab, then click on our server name in the list. You can also click the star icon if you wish to add us to your favorites tab.

Or Press F1 to bring up the console, copy the connect info below and past it into the console.

Press enter and you should load into Earth Apocalypse.



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